What can we tell about your inner child from the type of Gelato your prefer? In collaboration with G7, psychologist and nutritional expert Viviana Finistrella has come up with a fun test* for those curious to find out.

Gelato is one of the world’s most loved foods, by adults and children of all ages.

It is during childhood that we develop and refine our preferences when it comes to tastes and flavours, as well as many other aspects of our personality. This is thanks to a combination of individual factors such as genetic predisposition, and factors relating to our families and relationships in general.

The creamy texture Gelato has, and the fact that it can be enjoyed informally, are what link it to that special time of our lives: a period of utopia, and a far cry from all of the worries and responsibilities of daily adult life. It also allows us to rediscover the imprinting left in our unconscious memory and go back to the positive feelings of our early years, retracing some of the typical gestures of when we first learnt to feed (such as sucking, licking and biting), most commonly associated with breastfeeding.

Let’s take a look at how different flavours attract different personalities and hark back to the child we once were, or would have liked to have been.

If you like Pistachio Gelato, your inner child likes to explore:

You’re always on the lookout for new adventures; you dig deep beyond the surface of things; you have a curious mind and you always want to know and learn more. The dark green colour of this flavour is often avoided by young children (aged around 2-5 years old), because it is associated with vegetables. Your inner child is quite grown up and more independent when it comes to making choices, and thinks outside the box. They are capable of going beyond these boundaries to enjoy a richer and more comprehensive taste experience, as indicated by the pistachios that crunch alongside the creamy consistency of the Gelato.

If you like Hazelnut Gelato, you have a confident inner child:

Thanks to its colour, consistency and taste, hazelnut conjures up a child with their feet firmly on the ground, who knows how to play with others but can also entertain themselves alone: an independent child. At the same time, the delicate flavour of this Gelato, very similar to milk, makes us think of someone who, just like a child, sometimes feels the need to go back to the ‘nest’ for a dose of affection, even when perhaps they don’t show it.

If you like plain Gelato, your inner child likes affection:

This is the Gelato flavour that recalls our infancy and connection to all things maternal more than any other, thanks to its milky, creamy composition. Your inner child is one who loves to be with family, surrounded by all of the people and things they love most, and where immediate emotional gratification plays an important role. Quite the big softy! The choice of such a ‘pure’ flavour without anything added is also indicative that this child goes right to the point and knows who (mum, for example) or what (favourite toys) can provide what they need, and they don’t get distracted on the way.

Try this: the next time you go for an ice cream, stop and think about how it makes you feel or what it brings to mind. Try to keep these thoughts with you throughout the day. Remember that, no matter how old you are, it is never too late to rediscover your inner child, and grow and discover your own emotions and direction in life, all over again.

* only indicative and not based on a scientific study