Stracciatella Domori


When the clean-label Gelato, made with natural ingredients, without additives, aromas, emulsifiers, thickeners and colorings, meets a fine dark cocoa from high quality supply chain, coming only from plantations of South and Central America, the result is a real masterpiece: GelatoMadre Stracciatella Domori, Cream Gelato with Domori dark chocolate flakes Blend Orinoco.

The Blend Orinoco 75% grows on the banks of the river of the same name that flows through Colombia and Venezuela, crossing pristine lands and wild forests. A pure recipe, a harmony of notes of dried fruit that gives to our Stracciatella GelatoMadre an intense aroma.

GelatoMadre Stracciatella Domori: carefully selected natural ingredients for a delicacy to be tasted with intense pleasure, for the most refined palates looking for a unique tasting experience.