A childhood memory that becomes dessert, taking inspiration from the mythical city of "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Márquez, to celebrate the encounter between Natural Haute Cuisine and the Origin of Taste, with GelatoMadre P.D.O. Green Pistachio from Bronte.

What do a starred chef and a high quality Gelato have in common? There are many shared values, under which we celebrate the sweet combination of GelatoMadre – the clean label Gelato, made with natural ingredients, without aromas, colorings, stabilizers, emulsifiers and thickeners - and Pietro Leemann, the chef of Natural Haute Cuisine, known for his respect for the raw materials, the careful selection of the ingredients and the attention to their origin.

This is how “Macondo” was born, a recipe at the origin of memories and taste, whose protagonist is GelatoMadre P.D.O. Green Pistachio from Bronte. A name that awakens the memories of the chef and recalls the most loved Gelato flavour in childhood.