Cremino Fiat Majani

4- layer Gelato with hazelnuts and almonds

In 1911, when Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT) announced a contest dealing with a dessert’s creation to be offered to its customers for the launch of the new car FIAT TIPO 4, Majani invented the  4-layer Cremino and won the competition.

This is how the Fiat Cremino Majani was born, a chocolate which combines classic hazelnut and almond cream with cocoa paste in a balanced and still unique mix.

GelatoMadre, first on the market, creates the 4-layer Cremino Gelato.

An authentic taste made with simple natural ingredients to renew a classic of the Italian confectionery tradition

1 Italian High Quality fresh whole milk
2 Sugar
3 Italian cream
4 Toasted almonds paste  (6,6%)
5 Roasted hazelnuts paste (5%)
6 Butter and cocoa paste
7 Low fat cocoa powder