with 'P.D.O. Green Pistachio from Bronte'

The P.D.O. Green Pistachio from Bronte is cultivated in small volcanic soils in the municipalities of Bronte, Adrano and Biancavilla in Sicily. Today, this precious "green gold" is a slow food presidium with an extremely limited production. 

GelatoMadre Pistacchio is made with a selection of the best P.D.O. Green Pistachios from Bronte that confer the product an intense aroma and its natural and typical grey-green color. It is decorated on top with crunchy Bronte Pistachio grains.

GelatoMadre Pistacchio with P.D.O. Green Pistachio from Bronte: only 100% Italian natural ingredients, for a unique Gelato going back to the origin of taste. 

The authentic taste of a real traditional Gelato made only with few and simple Italian ingredients from certified supply chain.

1 High Quality fresh whole milk
2 Sugar
3 Cream
4 "P.D.O. Green Pistachio from Bronte”paste (10%) and toasted grains (1,7%)
5 Unrefined sea salt from Cervia